Wednesday, November 24, 2010

RagaBabe Black Friday Event

The following is quoted from their FB page:


What's up for grabs? Over $90 worth of RagaBabe products!

1 Squiggles print RagaBabe 'Easy' AIO diaper of any size w/ organic liner
--the white, green and wine colors make it a great Christmas diaper!
1 RagaBabe Organic cotton insert or doubler for night use
1 RagaBabe Hanging Laundry Bag (White)--you can never have too many
1 RagaBabe 'Take-Along' Wet Bag --Black with an emerald green snap
1 Bundle of 10 RagaBabe Organic Cloth Wipes

How do I enter?

All entries must be posted below the picture of the giveaway items. Each comment counts as an entry.

1) GO to and look around at our site and store. Come back and share something from our site that lets us know you were there. (1 entry allowed for this option)

2) SHARE about our Black Friday Giveaway on your personal facebook page, your fan page (or another facebook fan page if they say it's okay), or anywhere outside of the web where sharing about giveaways is permitted. Be sure to include the link to our page. (3 entries allowed for this option if you share in 3 places. Just post the link of where you shared as separate comments.)

3) GIVE US IDEAS for great Christmas gifts for our kids that are homemade or MADE IN THE USA!!! (1 comment/entry allowed)

Why is this called a basement giveaway?

Because we are a new cloth diaper company (growing very quickly) that is entirely family owned and operated and we work out of a big beautiful basement full of RagaBabes :)


If this giveaway gets us up to 2000 fans before we draw the winner on Friday, we'll select 2 MORE WINNERS to win your choice of a wet bag or bundle of wipes, so invite your friends and spread the word!

Winner will be chosen the evening of BLACK FRIDAY. Prize will ship to addresses in the US or Canada.

For AWESOME DEALS on RagaBabe stuff, see details on our Black Friday and November Specials on our website. You'll LOVE your new Rags :)


  1. I saw this Customize Your Snaps
    Free 'Design Your Own'
    Organic 2-Step Snap Color Option Continues!
    Enter colors on the '2-Step' product pages on our store.
    on the site and I that is so cool!!!!
    cliffsgirl2001 at yahoo dot com

  2. cliffsgirl2001 at yahoo dot com
    You can take clear glass ornament balls and fill them with bits of christmas ribbons. Put the tops back on and you have homemade ornaments to give as gifts!!!

    Following your blog!
    Please follow back!