Tuesday, November 30, 2010

AMFC Sponsor Spotlight #13 *Mo Dia Diapers*

Mo Dia Diapers is another one of our wondeful sponsors for the A Merry Fluffy Christmas event coming up in just a few short hours.

I know I keep mentioning "favorite diapers" in these Spotlights, but I have had the opportunity to try some pretty awesome diapers. Well, Mo Dia is another one of my favorites!

They sent me this adorable one size pocket dipe to try out.

I just love how the tabs coordinate with the body of the diaper. It's little touches like this that set Mo Dia apart from others. Here are few more examples of their work:

Adorable huh?!

Not only are their diapers super cute, they are also very trim, extremely absorbant, and they fit great!

Another unique component of their diapers is a small strip of belly elastic. I admit, I was a bit skeptical at first because Devin is quite the chunk, but it really didn't bother him at all. In fact, it made me feel confident that he wouldn't pee out the top of the diaper. You know how sometimes your kiddo is between sizes on the snap setting? Well, this elastic will keep you from having to snap the diaper too tight or too loose. Snap it on the looser setting and the elastic will keep everything where it needs to be!

belly elastic
The body of the diaper is PUL, the inner lining is suedecloth, and the insert is hemp terry.

Let me just tell you... the craftsmanship of this diaper is incredible! The stitching looks like it could be on a mass-produced diaper. But it's not! It's made by MOMMIES! Two mommies to be exact!

Mo Dia Diapers is made up primarily of two moms that started our journey of cloth diapering with our little girls. Sarah and Hannah are both Registered Nurses and sisters-in-law who have grown closer as friends through pregnancy and enjoying having baby girls, as well as starting a cloth-diapering adventure. Sewing cloth diapers started out as a hobby, but we are now expanding to selling diapers to try to share affordable yet stylish cloth diapers with others. We live in central Michigan, about an hour away from each other, so sometimes we sew alone, but often we get together for sewing days.  Sarah works full time as an RN, Hannah part time as an RN both in hospitals in Michigan.  Our days off are enjoyed spending time with our babies and often sewing!

Our business name is a combination of our daughter's names, Moriah (currently 7 months, Hannah's baby) and Lydia (currently 9 months, Sarah's baby), as they are the inspiration (and test subjects) behind our diapers! We also enjoy the helping hands of some friends and family members in sewing our diapers, whether it be actually helping with the diapers themselves or playing with little girls while we sew!  As we grow closer as sisters and friends, our girls grow closer as cousins and friends as well!  Our husbands (brothers) often roll their eyes or sigh when we talk about buying something new to make more diapers, but they are both very supportive and :) both will change the cloth diapers and help with the diaper laundry too!

We love to make new combination of diapers!  Some of the hallmarks of our diapers that make them different is using an alternating color or pattern for our tabs (for example, we love to use prints for the tabs on a solid color diaper, or minky tabs, or solid tabs on a print diaper).  We also have a small area of elastic along the belly with our snap diapers for a little extra give and better fit!  We are always open to trying new things and welcome suggestions or custom orders.

Mission:  To make fashionable and affordable cloth diapers for a better reusable solution for today's diapering needs

Products:  One-size pocket cloth diapers, newborn size cloth diapers, and  inserts.  Diapers are made with waterproof PUL on the outside, cute decorative tabs, snap or hook & loop closure, and soft stay dry inner material (suedecloth, minky, or microfleece).  All inserts are made of hemp terry, hemp fleece, a combo of hemp and microfiber, or all microfiber.  All inserts are 2-layers of 5 inches by 28-30 inches of absorbant materials that can be folded for absorbancy where you need it most and provide quick drying. 


Here are a few shots of my little guy modeling his Mo Dia:

so trim!

the red marks are from another dipe

Mo Dia bum!


Mo Dia Diapers is generously offering one lucky winner a one size diaper AND a newborn diaper!

That's a $27 value!

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