Thursday, November 18, 2010

AMFC Sponsor Spotlight #5 *RagaBabe*

RagaBabe is another one of our wondeful sponsors for the A Merry Fluffy Christmas event coming up in a few short weeks.

RagaBabe diapers are quickly becoming quite the sensation in the cloth diapering world. The competition should be very afraid!

RagaBabe offers two types of diapers:
  • An Easy All-in-One: This diaper comes in bold colors and to-die-for prints. This sized AIO features a pocket so you can customize absorbancy. We use our AIOs without additional absorbancy during the daytime, then for nights, we lay one of their organic cotton sherpa inserts on top. Devin is a very heavy wetter and often ends up on his side. This layering allows for super fast absorbancy, thus protecting my sheets. We sleep with our Rags every night, and since trying this method, Devin has yet to wake in a puddle.
  • The Easy Organic 2-Step: This system consists of a sizable shell with snap-in inserts. This means you don't have to purchase as many diapers! Buy a few shells, load up on inserts, and you're good to go! You only have to change the shell if it becomes soiled (though you may want to let it dry out every other change). These diapers are sized, but they also have rise-adjusting snaps meant to fit your baby comfortably even during those awkward "between-size" stages. I have yet to try one, but lots of mamas are raving about them.
At first, many people are put off by the price, but with these diapers, you truly get what you pay for. The craftsmanship is spectacular and the materials used are of the highest quality. The hook & loop closure is very strong and the elastic is nice and wide.

Easy All-in-One

Organic 2-Step

I bought my first RagaBabe off a popular diaper trading community. From there, I was hooked! I have since purchased 4 more of their AIOs and am hoping for even more!

Here's one of our favorites:

our camo aio

opening for optional insert

My happy RagaBoy!
A little about RagaBabe:

     I am a mother of two children, Isabelle, our five year old, and Asaiah, our two year old.  My husband, Andy, and I are blessed with bright, healthy children, but both have extreme food intolerance and sensitivities.  The first couple years of Isabelle's life were spent researching and experimenting with foods that she could tolerate. Our second child proved no different.  At least I knew his diet!
     But what I didn't know, was the solution to the sores on their bottoms. That led me to try cloth diapering. 
     I tried several leading brands of cloth diapers, which brought about some improvement to the sores.  What bothered me the most was the performance of many of the diapers.  Some had very limited absorbency and would leak after an hour or two. (Too many wet sheets and car seats.)  Some would retain odor after washing and required 'stripping'.  Others would look 'ratty' after only a few washings-- and the drying time (up to two hours) was way too long. And their looks and fit left something to be desired.  There had to be a better diaper.
     That pursuit has changed my life. With the help of my husband, mother and father (Carol and Dave), the process began that would mean thousands of hours of research and development, design and testing.  Over 300 prototypes were created and meticulously evaluated.  Hundreds of design and fabric changes.  A lot of tears shed.  A lot of prayers answered.  Travels around the country.  New materials developed for RagaBabe never used in diapers.  Problems... and problems solved.
     Without leaning on faith in an incredible God, we all might have given up long ago. But with every roadblock, came a breakthrough -- and a better diaper.  We are so excited to offer two amazing diapers, our RagaBabe 'Easy' All-In-One and our RagaBabe Organic '2-Step' (Cover with snap-in Insert). Both designed to make you "love cloth diapers!"

RagaBabe is generously offering a $25 store credit towards anything in their store!

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  1. I goofed on this one...accidentally clicked submit before I had it filled in.
    I did complete all the entries though...if there's someway you can add them in for me, I'd appreciate it!
    I visited their website, and I'd love to try out their Organic 2-step diaper with the Lime snaps.
    I shared again today on Facebook about the event:

  2. I would LOVE the newspaper design :)

    Shared the love!

  4. How do you enter? you said that the form is for extra enteries after you do the mandatory entry.... how do i do that???

  5. Jody, make sure you fill out the form if you want to be entered. Comments don't count, sorry.

    Cara, The actual event is from Dec 1-5. The mandatory entries will be on those days. These extra entries just give you a leg up.; :)

    Mama Chocolate, I just fixed your entry. :)