Monday, October 25, 2010

No Toys for You!

There are 2 topics under this title!

Since Josh has been gone, Mitchell's attitude has gotten increasingly worse over the last few weeks. He back-talks all the time, won't listen, and yesterday he (gasp!) hit me in the butt! Something had to give. I am not a spanker and time-outs have gotten to where they just don't work. So, yesterday, we sat down and made a list of 20 toys that he would give up, one-by-one, as he was ugly to me. Numbers 5, 10, 15, and 20 were big stuff. We agreed to start today.

The first thing we did when we got up was go over the list again, just so he was aware of what was going to happen if he got snippy with me. He tested me once very early on and I held up my end of the deal. Toy #1 went way up into the top of the hallway closet. He cried of course, but he also said he was sorry and was compliant when I told him he could get it back tonight right before bed. A little while later, he back-talked again. Bye bye #2. He was really good for the rest of the day.

Right around dinner time, I guess he was hungry and testy, so he got loud with me again. As I was going to fetch #3, he grabbed my pants and started pulling back on me and yelling. Onto #4. He was SCREAMING at this point and still pulling on my pants, so one of his favorite toys (#5) got taken too. He realized at this point that I meant business, and he has been a joy the rest of the night. He's been saying please without my having to ask, and he even took his plate to the kitchen without having to ask him. AND when I told him thank you, he said, "anytime, Mom, anytime." Yeah, that'll win ya some points, kid.

So, tonight before he goes to bed, he gets all 5 toys back, and he gets to start fresh tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, the other half of the topic involves toys as well. But in a completely different way.


You see, about 2 1/2 weeks ago, Mitchell decided to put a small toy into his mouth which he then gagged on. Of course I got onto him about and didn't think twice after that. Well, the following day, he was at the doc and she happened to notice a good sized blue blood blister in the back of his throat. Being the good doc she is, she asked if he had been putting things into his mouth that didn't belong there. I was like, "Yeah, he did yesterday. Why?" Then she showed me. I could not believe what I saw!

Good Doc P asked us to come back in one week if it didn't seem to be going away. Well, a week went by and it definitely wasn't getting smaller. In fact, it may have gotten a little bigger. So back to the doc we went. Doc P seemed pretty concerned and immediately put in for a referral to an ENT. I am expecting them to sedate him and lance it. I want them to do it tomorrow so we can get this over with, but at the same time, I am just not prepared. I do not know how Mitchell will react emotionally to being stuck with a needle to be sedated. And I don't know how he will react physically to the anesthesia. Frankly, I am scared to death about it. He's so little. I just worry.

Someone please tell me he's going to be ok and that I am over-reacting.


  1. Ah sweetie that sounds yucky. :( Hang in there he will be okay. I'm guessing he will also be much less likely to put small things in his mouth. But you never know, my boys do all kinds of crazy things. ;)


  2. Thanks Katie. I've got crazy butterflies this morning. Watch, they'll end up scheduling another appointment next week and make me live in agony until then lol.

  3. My son did a similar thing when he was younger. He was chewing on a hotwheels car and the tire came of and he choked and then swallowed it. SO they x-rayed him and it clearly showed the spokes in his tummy...LOL. I just had to watch for it to pass. But we ended up going back because of a blood blister in his mouth as well. He did not get a needle. They actually used a mask and put him under to lance an irrigate it then put him on an antibiotic as a precaution. He was fine it did not seem to phase him at all. I think it was much harder on me!!

  4. Thanks Jennifer! I'm a freaking mess right now. I haven't gotten around to posting about it cause we've all been sick, but they're going to be putting him under to cut it out and cauterize it. Seems it has some blood vessels running through it and that's the safest route. I'm a mess though. Anesthesia scares me!

  5. Hang in there Lauren. They actually let me watch them put him under. I got to hold his hand and once he was safely out they escorted me to the waiting room. 15 minutes later I was with him in the recovery room and he was smiling about the stickers he got. He was groggy and sleepy but several hours later he was WIDE awake!! LOL Kids have amazing coping and recovery skills. Your little one will be jabbing toys back in the mouth in no time at all :)

  6. Thank you so much for the comforting words. :)

    That's awesome that they let you be there with him while they put him under. I'm not going to count on that option, but we'll see. We have his pre-op appointment tomorrow.

    And I keep catching him putting stuff in his mouth. He has been in so much trouble lately because of it. I keep having to remind him that all these doctor visits are because he put something into his mouth. Wish he would learn his darned lesson. Maybe after a little pain from the procedure lol. We shall see.

    Thank you so much for helping me through this.

    Part of what makes it so hard is the fact that the hubby isn't able to be here. He's my rock in situations like this, ya know?