Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Dirties on Cloth Diapering

How about a coffee table style book all about the environmental and health risks associated with using disposable diapers?

Here's a little snippet from Jamie at kickstarter:

"I want to use photography to create a visual hard-cover coffee-table style book, which will let people know about cloth diapering vs. disposable diapers. I want to show, using pictures, both the health risks and environmental risks moms take by choosing disposables. I want to make the recent information about disposable diapers a more vivid picture in people's minds. I also want to show a bit on the modernization/history of the cloth diaper through photography. If funded, the book will be sold on both and and will be available for stores from the publisher."

Ladies, please go visit her at kickstarter and pledge a little. Even $1 helps! As a bonus, she will be doing giveaways to the random backers.

Worthy cause, I say! Let's get this done so we have more ammo to perform some conversions!

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  1. Hey Lauren! You won the Nana's Bottom Diaper on my blog :) Shoot me an email at mrs.trophywife at and I'll get you hooked up! Thanks for entering!