Saturday, October 2, 2010

Feeling Like a Rotten Mommy (Hurry Up November!)

Josh has been gone since Thursday. Man, do I miss him! I truly took him for granted. These last few nights of getting the boys down by myself have been pure hell. They're both trouble-sleepers, and Devin screams for nearly 2 hours before he goes to sleep. Luckily, Mitchell is getting more and more independent and I can count on him to do some things himself. He's able to get his own snacks. And can (finally) get his underwear back on all by himself.

See, the sad thing is: I should be okay. I should be able to handle this. There are many single moms out there who also work and keep everything together. I just feel like I'm coming apart. My house is a wreck. Before Josh left, I had been trying to get things going to eventually sell what I make, but at this point, when would I have the time to sew? The 2 hours I get after both boys down are spent catching up on emails, cleaning, bathing, or just sleeping.

Guess I could insert Rosanne's wonderful quote here:

"As a housewife, I feel that if the kids are still alive when my husband gets home from work, then hey, I've done my job."

Well said, Rosanne.


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